The Yew Blade

There is one thing that has kept me in awe of the Goddess Hecate. A claim not many can make for certain; to the best of my knowledge that is. That she has always been apart of my life, from afar; she has watched me, looked over me. Protected and guided me. This fact has only been recently discovered by me, from the Goddess. Yet without knowing this for certain, I have always felt her presence in  subtle ways, even from a small boy. The Goddess chosses to come to us in many ways at may times, it is never when we expect, and at times, we do not recognize her, even when we do see her. She is great and mysterious, her ways and reasons she often keeps to herself, so when she does chose to reveal them to you. Be extremely grateful, never take it for granted. It was only revealed to me this very day by Goddess Hecate, of the very first time she chose to reveal herself to me to intercede directly in my life path, or more to the point keep it on track, of the path she had laid out and hoped I would follow. For though the Great Goddess can see all futures, there is two factors to this sight and ability to predict the life of a human path. One being The future is always shifting, altering, thus out life paths are altered by the very tide of the Tide of the Future. The second is human will, our will alters our path so that we may never met her, or even take the spiritual path that will lead us to her. In the first instance of my meeting Goddess Hecate, was not so subtle and remains within the realm of the supernatural. I was seventeen at the time flatting with housemates. I still recall the day so clearly it was as if it as yesterday. It was one of those summer days that makes you celebrate life, one flatmate with friends decided to head to a particular beach on the west coast in their Mini copper. They stopped, and asked really last minute, as if an after thought if I would like to come. we were all standing by the front door, looking out into the front yard I saw the shimmering, I thought of the haze of heat, however into view there stood a young woman dressed in a long gown that flowed within a breeze of her glade, a fair beautiful Maiden the scent of spring flowers filled the air, as i looked at her, she slightly and simply nodded her head no.  I turned to my flat mate and politely declined, and then turning back though the air still filled with this wonderful scent, she had gone as if she was never there at all. The hours past, the hour of their return had passed, come Eight that evening the Police knocked at the door, informed us that the Flatmate had taken one of the dangerous corners to fast. Later we learned that the back passenger door had flung open. One passenger ended up in hospital with a broken pelvis and in traction for six weeks the second that was thrown from the car, was lucky to be alive and ended up halfway down a step bank covered in Trees and undergrowth. However they all agreed and there was no doubt among them; that had I gone and sat were I would have more likely lost my life. I thanked the Maiden for her interceding, though by her name I didn’t know. Years Later when I came upon my current spiritual path and were gathering my tools. It was when I came to the purchasing of my Athame  That one, stood out from all the others. Now this is not uncommon to those of us that use such tools within our practice. This one seemed to whisper my name in a voice of a friend, it is hard to explain. However the Blade was Named after the Goddess herself. The description however was a tad off putting, yet I kept being drawn back to it. In Researching the Name This Blade of Hecate, I was introduced formally one might say to the Goddess Hecate her self. It wasn’t just a fact I was meant to have it, further more it would alter my spiritual path forever, and set me on a course I had not foreseen. In  sanctifying and blessing it and within its naming ritual, which was the Yew Blade I opened a portal to the Path of Hecate. Also in my naming of the Blade, After the Yew, I did not know  that the Yew was scared to Goddess Hecate.  In the intervining time from that past to this present I have learned a great deal. Most recently the Goddess Hecate, has opened a new door to a higher state of learning, much I am not permitted to discuss. However what I am permitted to discuss is, In Seeking the Goddess in any Matter, do so with all your heart mind and soul, and of course with the greatest respect. Know also that the Goddess Hecate, may not answer you directly, it may be in a subtle and unexpected manner, and only in hindsight ( as with the knowledge of the maiden) one learns and sees the Goddess Hecate’s hand behind it. Goddess Hecate is not there as a cosmic cash register, only there for devotion when you wish aide with spell, or life matters. Rather The Goddess Hecate, is there for you to seek to know, to converse with, and seek to know about her, for your growth, enlightenment.  In truly seeking the Goddess, you will find she will in her time, and as she sees fit. Open the gates to new and Higher forms of knowledge, and teaching.

Blessed Be the Goddess Hecate and all that fellow in her footsteps


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